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The BELXX™ Spin Step Story

BELXX Spin Step Close Up
BELXX Spin Step Trailer Hitch Accessory
Truck Step Trailer Hitch Accessory

The Origin of the BELXX™ Spin Step

Made in the USA

Imagine never having to crawl or struggle to get into your truck bed again. Your tailgate is now an easy way to step into the back of your truck… The Spin Step is what Belxx™ imagined.

In 2001, Wade Erickson invented his combination hitch ball mount and tailgate step as a response to other inferior products on the market. A life-long truck enthusiast, Wade knew there had to be an easier way to access your truck bed. His unique design allows the step to remain installed on your truck at all times, even while towing, allowing access to your tailgate and truck bed in seconds.

In 2004, Wade’s patent was granted (U.S. Patent #6,682,086) and the long journey to market began. For many years, Wade built and sold the product himself from his fabrication shop in northern Wisconsin. This process provided him with a great deal of feedback both from customers using his product and from his manufacturing process. He spent many years perfecting the product until it was finally ready for a national launch.

In 2012, the product was launched at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas. Under the brand name Elephant Stand, it was chosen from more than 2,000 products that were entered into the New Product Showcase and judged by a panel of industry professionals to be voted one of the top new products in the Van, Pickup and Sports Utility category. The Elephant Stand received praise from consumers, distributors, and national media. It was featured on Season 4 of the DIY Network’s show “I Want That” featuring new and innovative products, and again featured on their Top 15 products of Season 4 episode.

In 2015, out of a desire to return to his real passion of inventing, and after several successful years of selling the Elephant Stand, Wade licensed his product to Blue Square Products and the BELXX™ Spin Step was born. With a series of careful and selective improvements, we have taken an amazing product and made it even better. The BELXX™ Spin Step is stronger, lighter, and more durable than its predecessor. Innovation is the key to everything we do at Blue Square Products. We will be launching a series of new models and options over time to further improve the BELXX™ Spin Step product line, ensuring that every truck owner has fast and easy access to their truck bed.

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